Experience Session: Personalized Industry 4.0 on selfbits Cloud


About selfbits:

Within the scope of digitization and ‘Industry 4.0’, companies can achieve massive competitive advantages and develop completely new fields of business, by developing and deploying their own tailormade applications. Examples are applications to optimize internal business processes or to facilitate the interaction with customers and suppliers and their respective software systems. Selfbits enables the rapid development of such applications with its core product - the fully adaptable, scalable and vendor-independently integrable Selfbits Cloud Platform. The Selfbits Cloud Platform enables organizations to quickly and cost-effectively develop and deploy web-, mobile-, and IoT-applications without the need to maintain or develop complex and costly backend infrastructure. In addition, Selfbits offers ready-made industry solutions and services in the field of manufacturing supervision, production planning, dashboarding and monitoring as well as machine and sensor data integration. To learn more visit us at: