DEX #2
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Your Road to IIoT

September 13, 2018
Highlight Towers, Munich

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Roadmap for IoT in your company

The “Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)” marks a new era of industrialization and companies need to adapt to remain capable of competing. The increasing integration of sensors, equipment, processes and employees leads to fundamental changes in market structures as well as to new business models and innovative production processes. During the second edition of our digital event series DEX we will provide you with a platform to deepen your understanding with respect to the challenges and benefits of IIOT.

DEX #2 brings together renowned speakers from established industrial companies as well as digital pioneers. Together we want to explore what’s in it for you and how challenges on the road to IIoT can be tackled:

  • Why do investments in IIoT make sense right now?
  • What are potential use cases and business models as well as associated risks and benefits?
  • How can an IIoT strategy be implemented successfully in your business?

Gain valuable, hands-on insights on how IoT can be put into practice in live experience sessions with IoT start-ups and tech companies.