COMPASS Symposium 2023

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Alleviating the burden in chronic care & tackling precision medicine‘s need for data

At our 7th goetzpartners COMPASS event on September 14, we debated the future and opportunities of digital health ecosystems, following the two guiding questions:

  • Tackling the chronic disease epidemic – can digital health strategies alleviate the burden and provide better care for patients?
  • Precision medicine is starved of data – are patient autonomy and market mechanisms a way to unlock data silos?

In both of these areas, efforts over the past 10+ years have resulted in substantial sunk costs with little impact on patient outcome and health economics. The strong perspectives of the speakers and panelists provided insight and guidance on how to create value for your organization as well as which paths to avoid.

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This Year's Highlights

Round Tables

Dr Leonid Shapiro

AI in healthcare beyond clinical decision support

Shahram Sharif

DIGA 2.0 - obesity, diabetes

Prof Hans-Peter Zenner

DIGA 2.0 - vertigo, dizziness

Patty Lee

Personalised treatment - Neptune for Parkinson‘s