November 24, 2023, 09:00 CET - Torsten Kreindl, DIVC

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DIGITAL Community

At our Digital Breakfasts, which we host regularly online, we bring together our network and client base with some of the most inspiring and visionary digital leaders of our time. In the past, we have been able to attract prominent German and international startup founders, CDOs, digital pioneers and venture capitalists as our speakers.

While the Digital Breakfast has evolved from a one-time internal event into a fully-fledged series throughout the years, we make sure to always preserve the atmosphere of an intimate gathering for attendees.

We aim to create a platform that sparks conversations in a common search for answers to the most pressing questions that arise through digital change. Gain valuable, hands-on insights, get inspired by and become part of our digital community.

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November 24, 09:00 CET - Torsten Kreindl, DIVC

Deutsche Invest Venture Capital is the entrepreneurial VC investment fund of Deutsche Invest, that has assets under management of over € 4bn throughout Europe.

As digital investment expert and board member of several companies, Torsten will share his take on the most pressuring questions when it comes to the intersection of technology and digital ventures for private capital investments. He will uncover the investment opportunities of cutting-edge innovations such as generative AI and will discuss recent changes in the perception of potential investments induced by the current economic framework.

Past Digital Breakfast Speakers

Manuel Ronnefeldt
Irene Klemm
Stefan Groschupf
Co-founder & CEO
Automation Hero
Dr. Steffen Pauls
Founder & CEO
Thomas Kirchner
Founder & Former CEO
Manfred Tropper
Founder & CEO
Jan-Martin Josten
Founder & CEO
Werner Kräutlein
Founder & CEO
Dr. Roman Rittweger
Co-founder & CEO
Pascal Finette

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